Luke and Michelle | Engagement Session

Luke & Michelle - What a sweet couple! I’ve known Luke since we were littles in elementary school & all through high school! He has always been the nicest kid.  To know someone that long, and not have a single negative memory of them is pretty impressive!
Luke and Michelle are one of my Match couples! I’ve had so many successful couples meet on Match. (& no, I’m not a paid advertiser - although I could be!) These two are so warm and cozy with each other, it makes photographing them a breeze.  I cannot wait to witness them surrounded by loved ones exchanging their forevers later this summer. With all that’s going on, it’s a breath of fresh air to sip on my coffee and scroll through these photos and feel all those warm feels again. I’m so looking forward to traveling back to my home town (Saint Charles, Iowa) for your August 22nd celebration! I just know it will be the sweetest, most loving day full of joy!

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