This is my 10th year of being a photographer! & I am still just as passionate about it as when I started this business! I think experience is huge in photographing weddings because I have learned a lot through the years about this important role that I have on your wedding day. I pride myself on being able to work with all kinds of crowds and each wedding I stretch my creativity and find beautiful ways to capture your story. I am naturally a pretty easy-going individual, but when it comes to photographing people, I get so excited!

How would I describe my style? My style is all about using the light in unique beautiful ways. I grew up in a small town in IA, raised by an artist and a musician. I see the beauty all around - the natural lighting that glistens over hay fields and creates a twinkle in the eyes of my clients, the soft breeze that creates a subtle movement in their hair on a warm summer evening, the crinkled nose of a little child from a tickle of a dandelion on their nose, the kiss of a father handing his daughter off to her new husband.  Every time I have a session outside, it's an adventure. I am in love with the natural serenity of the midwest and the wonderful, friendly people that live and love here. Contact me for details to learn more or set up a time to meet up!

I serve the Midwest Region, but I love traveling and seeing new places!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Molly C.

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