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I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the lady behind the lens! I am honored that you found something within my work that connected with you.

Art and photography have been my means of creative expression all of my life, but my main interest in the field, specifically portraiture and wedding photojournalism, is working with and serving a meaningful purpose for the people around me. The way I see it, a photographer does more than use their tool to make photos, they connect people together, help them reflect back on the natural beauty of themselves, their loved ones and the connection they share with each other. They capture those special once-in-a-lifetime moments that when you see that shot, the emotions flood in as if you were there again. And I gotta tell you, I am a complete romantic. Nothing gives me more joy than happy people in love. Nothing. 

How would I describe my style? My style is all about using the light in unique beautiful ways. I grew up in a small town in IA, raised by an artist and a musician. I see the beauty all around - the natural lighting that glistens over hay fields and creates a twinkle in the eyes of my clients, the soft breeze that creates a subtle movement in their hair on a warm summer evening, the crinkled nose of a little child from a tickle of a dandelion on their nose, climbing the tall tree to get that 'Wow' shot from overtop the sparkling snow. Every time I have a session outside, it's an adventure. I am in love with the natural serenity of the midwest and the wonderful, friendly people that live and love here. Contact me for details to learn more or set up a time to meet up!

I serve the Midwest Region, but I love traveling and seeing new places!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Molly C.

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